GLT focuses on developing Robust Technology platform compliant with state Hemp Regulations.
GLT is also partnering with major Hemp Technology firms to implement regulatory and seed to oil programs.
Our CRM Team goal is to provide the Hemp Industry with an easy to use colaborated platform in all aspects of Technology.

Data Analytics


GLT understands that data, in all forms will be a critical component for State and Federal government to establish proper regulations and critical statistical reporting for consumers. As the Hemp industry develops, Hemp players are beginning to realize how powerful data analytics can be as a tool for discovering new markets and niches and putting themselves ahead of the curve in a fast-moving market. Just as important, the consumers of HEMP Industrial as well as CBD products need to know what products best works for them and that becomes difficult without having a compilation of industry data. This is a huge gap in this industry, and we recognize that. GLT will be formulating a teaming partnership with the number one Data analytics companies for optimal solution for end users as well as regulatory stakeholders.

Compliance & Reporting


Our experienced compliance professionals can help you navigate your own set of regulations based on your operations and location. Another benefit of trusting GLT with your compliance concerns is the team’s broad network of relationships and track record of industry advocacy within most states. Our Team can connect you with committees, lobbyists, and other resources to help refine regulations so they’re more favorable to business in your area.
In the Hemp industry, flawless compliance is of the utmost importance just as State and Federal is yet defining and re-defining laws. As some of the first organizations to forge the path, the scrutiny is intense, and opponents are looking for errors and waiting to catch mistakes to support their cause. Bringing the experienced compliance resources of GLT to your team can help you uphold this high standard and help build favorable impressions of the cannabis industry.