Recently, the Farm Bill of 2018 federally legalized Hemp production and interstate transport for the first time in over 50 years. This introduced a new generation of agricultural farming & cultivating entrepreneurs like GLT and, positioning to become new leaders in the hemp marketplace.
At GLT, our industry experts provide consultant services across several verticals utilizing State-of-the-Art tools, business methodologies and years of industry knowledge to support your operations.

Hemp Farming

Our expertise in this vertical falls within the following categories:

Guiding right source of seeds
  • Agronomic Advice
  • Genetics & Cloning
Guiding Site Location
  • Operational Planning
  • Farm Selection & Design
  • Equipment Sourcing
Guiding through required Certification and Licensing
  • Best Managememnt Practices(BMP)
  • Regulated Business Plan
  • Best Practice Operational Procedural Documents
  • Application Services
Guiding into Hemp Production and Processing
  • Operational Procedures for Planting through Harvesting
  • Quality Extractions
  • Testing Requirements
  • Transportation Procedures
Guiding through market of HEMP products and CBD products
  • Assist in finding right buyer
  • Assist Brand Optimizing
  • Assist in finding companies or consortiums to work with