Green Leaf Technology envisions becoming one of New York State’s strategic partners in supporting its mission to encourage industrial Hemp production through the governor’s new initiatives and participating in the advancement of industrial hemp research, technology and economic development opportunities for hemp businesses. Moreover, help increase New York State’s hemp production and operations through common goals and initiatives positioning NYS to become a major producer of Industrial Hemp in the United States and meeting the governor’s long-term objective becoming the largest Hemp producer, globally.

We are a group of entrepreneurs of award winning Information Technology,management consulting and Hemp services firms with 20 years of proven success record. While USDA and North East USA is focusing on legalizing Hemp Industry we thrive on regulatory and compliance aspect of Hemp Industry and wrap around our services for new comers in the industry. Green Leaf Technology (GLT) is an up and coming player in the rapidly growing Hemp industry. As this industry continues to grow leaps and bounds, GLT is strategically positioning itself knowing that the future and flourishing success of Hemp commerce globally, will be around technological innovation.

With over 20 years of technology knowledge and experience we foresee new technology being a must in order to take on the rapid increase of Hemp production as well as reducing overall operational and management costs for a demanding market place where technology can make the pricing of products more affordable. As the need for technology increases within the hemp industry, it is having a significant impact on cultivation and manufacturing. For example Artificial Intelligence technology is being used to help grow hemp and manage the entire life cycle process while facilitating growers and processors to increase their production. Moreover, technology is being used in many other ways such as operations management, seed to sale, product testing, Data analytics, Quality Control and governance, just to name a few.

Over the past several years many companies like GLT have had to cope with various barriers and setbacks in this industry however, we all continue to push those boundaries to develop and introduce new technologies that will continue to help advance the Hemp industry and further expand in to this new market place. With all the new initiatives to increase the applications of hemp, introduce new technique’s for cultivation and processing, and unveil new hemp products – technology will allow us to do it much faster, cheaper, and with greater quality – we are convinced the market will see many new innovative technologies come to the forefront in the very near future. Most recent, GLT has developed alliances with some of the most prominent leaders in the Hemp industry allowing us to offer services in the areas of Technology, Education, Governance, Staffing and Consultation. GLT’s executive team is comprised of talented individuals, each with years of experience in technology and the Hemp space, respectively.